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Witchcraft Today: Chapter 1

Notes made while reading “Witchcraft Today” by G.B.G.

Skyclad – “only in that way can we obtain power”

  • If clothing impedes the release of power, perhaps you’re not raising it right! GBG sees aura only on bare flesh, but projection by nature necessitates power to reach further. Tradition limiting imagination is more likely an answer, but still doesn’t seem likely. Suspect more aesthetic reasons i.e. naturalistic state or unusual state being considered more appropriate to witch rite.
  • A lot of blame laid at Gardner’s door re: preference for nudist clubs but fairly well documented in witch trials, popular witch imagery etc so more likely to pre-date him.
  • Lack of body-shame etc seems appropriate for pagan religionists anyway. If the weather suits, why not? Save dressing up for theatrical stuff.
  • Regarding initiation/rebirth, nudity/skyclad is more symbolic.

Witchcraft as Diabolism

  • Some distinct differences to me, esp. in case of Wicca, and pagan witchcrafts. Satanism and Christianity are sides of coin in a different currency, not spendable in my world. Interesting perhaps but ultimately irrelevant.
  • Similarities mostly coincidences or linked via unreliable evidences.

GBG discusses a lot of trad. witch stuff like “old village herbalist type of witch” using skulls as psychological reinforcement, people taking communion wafers for later use, etc. and seems to talk about it as either not being proven or having taken place in the past but no longer, and thus not relevant to modern witches. Already trying to differentiate Wiccans?

“Witchcraft was, and is, not a cult for everybody. Unless you have an attraction towards the occult, a sense of wonder, a feeling that you can slip for a few minutes out of this world into the other world of faery, it is of no use to you.”


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