Energy Centres of the Body (Chakras)

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that act as portals between the matter of our physical body and the energy of our etheric body, or soul. The soul is Otherworld consciousness tied to this physical incarnation through these centers. These portals funnel energy from the body out into the universe, and assimilate energy from the universe into our body, as well as moving energy up and down through the other centres. When they can spin freely, our soul is more firmly aligned in our body, and we have fewer disconnection issues. But if the portals become blocked, the spinning slows and our energy becomes sluggish. If the portals are overstimulated, they can become overactive and our energy becomes wild. Both issues result in physical manifestations that differ depending on the centre. One centre running out of kilter puts stress on the others, because the energy flows from one to another.

There are seven major energy wheels that run along the central cord of the body, the spine:


  • located at the top of the head
  • disperses energy to or takes in energy from the universe
  • can best be seen as white (or violet) in colour
  • vibrates to B tone
  • associated with pituitary gland
  • associated with spirit, wisdom, connection to something greater
  • oils for anointing: neroli, rose, rosewood
  • crystals for clearing: clear quartz, diamond, selenite
  • incense for meditating: myrrh
  • yoga posture: savasana (corpse)
  • movements: brushing hair, headstands
  • goddess: Kore

Third Eye

  • located in the center of the forehead
  • violet (or indigo) in colour
  • vibrates to A
  • associated with pineal gland
  • associated with intuition, insight, open-mindedness
  • oils: juniper, pine, rosemary
  • crystals: amethyst, fluorite
  • incense: mugwort
  • yoga posture: warrior III
  • movements: closing eyes, opening eyes
  • goddess: Hecate


  • located at the base of the throat
  • blue in colour
  • vibrates to G
  • associated with para/thyroid gland
  • associated with communication, truth, expression
  • oils: blue chamomile, peppermint, sandalwood
  • crystals: lapis lazuli, turquoise
  • incense: frankincense & benzoin
  • yoga posture: fish pose
  • movements: making sounds, swallowing, shoulder/neck stretches
  • goddess: Brigid


  • located behind the sternum
  • green (or pink) in colour
  • vibrates to F
  • associated with thymus gland
  • associated with love, affection, empathy, joy, creativity
  • oils: geranium, jasmine, lavender
  • crystals: green aventurine, jade, rose quartz
  • incense: lavender
  • yoga posture: extended puppy pose
  • movements: breathing, arm circles, hugging
  • goddess: Isis

Solar Plexus

  • located above the navel
  • yellow in colour
  • vibrates to an E
  • associated with pancreas
  • associated with power, confidence, ego
  • oils: black pepper, cedar wood, lemon
  • crystals: amber, citrine, topaz
  • incense: ginger & woodruff
  • yoga posture: locust pose
  • movements: stomach crunches, power walking, laughing
  • goddess: Diana


  • located above the genitals, in the upper pelvis
  • orange in colour
  • vibrates to a D
  • associated with ovaries or testes
  • associated with sex, intimacy, connecting with others, emotions
  • oils: ginger, jasmine, rose
  • crystals: carnelian, coral, orange calcite
  • incense: damiana
  • yoga posture: happy baby pose
  • movements: hip circles, scissor kicks, hip swings
  • goddess: Juno


  • located at the perineum
  • takes in energy rising from or disperses energy down into the earth
  • red in colour
  • vibrates to a C
  • associated with adrenal gland
  • associated with survival, the physical body, feeling at home, trust, safety, being grounded
  • oils: frankincense, myrrh, patchouli
  • crystals: black tourmaline, garnet, hematite, ruby
  • incense: cedar
  • yoga posture: knee to chest
  • movements: squatting, stamping, jumping up and down
  • goddess: Demeter

The seven centres can be broken up into three distinct areas:

  • the root, sacral and solar plexus: the source of passion, forming the bodily aura, matter, Fetch
  • the heart, throat and third eye: the source of connection, forming the emotional/mental aura, energy, Talker
  • the crown: the source of inspiration, forming the spiritual aura, consciousness, Godself

The movement of energy through the centres forms two distinct currents:

  • upward from earth to heavens, the current of liberation, moving toward the Lord of Death
  • downward from heavens to earth, the current of manifestation, moving toward the Great Mother

“In order for us to be truly whole, both currents must be open and active.” (Judith:1998)

You can activate or encourage the spinning of the centres:

  • Align the centres by standing with feet shoulder-width apart and hands stretched up high over head. Return to a normal standing position and try to keep that sense of height and alignment. Try this in a sitting position too.
  • Hold your power hand over the body above the location of the centre. Move in an anti-clockwise motion for 1-5 minutes. Move your hand away and shake it for ten seconds. Rub both hands together, then return the power hand to the same position above the centre, and move it in a clockwise motion for 1-5 minutes. This uses the active energy of your hand to coax the energy flows back into spinning.
  • Relax your body. Muscle tension can affect energy flow. Go for a gentle walk, have a nap, practice yoga, take a warm bath with Epsom salts, get a massage. If your root, sacral or solar plexus centres are blocked these things are especially effective at shifting the blockage.
  • Relax your mind. Since our mind has such a huge effect on our body, it also affects our energy flow. Meditation will relax the mind and allow the energy to flow. If your heart, throat, or third eye centres are blocked, meditations are especially effective at shifting the blockage.
  • Manifestation current visualisation: imagine reaching out through the top of your head, connecting to the vast energy of the cosmos, and then drawing that energy down into your body, cascading like a waterfall through your crown, into your head, down your neck and into your chest, flowing down into your belly, then lower into your pelvis and out through your legs and feet, deep into the earth. Go back to the top of your head and repeat until you feel calm.
  • Liberation current visualisation: Imagine drawing energy up from the earth into the base of your spine, where it flows into your pelvis, then your belly, and up into your chest, moving through your heart into your throat and head, before smoothly shooting up through your crown towards the heavens. Repeat again until you feel charged.
  • Combination visualisation: try running both currents at once – see them swirling into combination points of colour at each of the seven centres.
  • Diet is one way we can control the feeding of energy to our body. Protein affects the root, liquids affect the sacral, starches affect the solar plexus, vegetables affect the heart, fruit affects the throat, and fasting affects the third eye and crown. Consume more to power up the centre, consume less to calm it.
  • Anoint (externally) your centres with appropriate oils, and the energy pattern of the oil can activate the centre.
  • Balance (externally) an appropriate crystal on each centre, and the energy of the crystals will open and align each centre.
  • Burn appropriate incense while meditating to encourage weak centres to strengthen.
  • Practice yoga, with particular emphasis on breathing fire into your centres during above poses or similar.
  • Practice the Ladder of Kore grounding exercise.

Recommended Reading

  • “Wheels of Light: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith
  • “The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body, and Spirit through the Chakras” by Anodea Judith & Selene Vega
  • “Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self” by Anodea Judith
  • “Chakras and Their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth” by Ambika Wauters

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