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The Ladder of Kore

In a comfortable sitting or standing position, take three deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Find the energy pooling in your body, and envision it drawing into a cauldron at your core. Then send that energy down into the earth; through the floor, into the ground, deeper, into the molten heart of the planet, where the hearth-fire of Hestia burns at the centre.

Let that hearth-fire transmute your energy into clean, purified power. Once you are ready, begin to take back your transformed power, drawing it back up through the earth, through the floor, and into your body.

Feel it flow into the base of your spine, causing the root centre to blossom into life, a glowing red wheel of power. Feel the support of Demeter, Mother of Life, as this energy heals and sustains your body.

Let the energy flow on, up to the sacral centre, where the wheel begins spinning with an orange glow. Feel the vital force of Juno, the Great Queen, burning away anger and division to reveal connection and intimacy.

Let the energy move on to the solar plexus centre, where the wheel radiates a golden yellow glow. Feel the power of Diana the Huntress transforming your fear into the confidence to be who you truly are, and courage to take the next step.

The energy flows on, up to the heart centre, blossoming into a bright green wheel. Feel the love of Isis, the Heavenly Mother, as it opens your heart and empowers you to give and receive affection.

Feel the energy flow on to the throat centre, spinning into a blue vortex. Feel the inspiration of Brigid, Poet and Protectress, as it brings you clarity of voice, the light of knowledge, and the ability to speak your truth.

Let the energy rise again, now to the third eye, shining forth as a wheel of violet light. Feel the magic of Hecate the Witch-Queen as her light banishes ignorance and welcomes in wisdom.

Let the energy flow onwards to the final centre at the crown, shifting into a radiant disk of white light. Feel the blessing of Kore, the Spring Maiden, as she links you to that which is above and that which is below.

Take a deep breath, then tilt your head back and release it in a rush, pushing it heaven-wards in an offering to the gods.

Feel that breath return, cascading down to cloak your body, aligning your centres in an ever-flowing stream of energy, from earth through your body to heaven, and then cycling back again.

Rest in the knowledge that you are at one with the divine.

Adapted from the Ladder of Hestia by Valerie Walker.

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