Fertility Spell

Preferred Timing:
Waxing or Full moon
Monday or Friday
Yule ’til Litha

1 Tablespoon poppy seeds
1 Tablespoon rice
1 Tablespoon lavender flowers
5 dried rose petals
1 clear quartz crystal (wand shape)
1 green agate (round shape) or white pearl
1 fresh red apple
1 egg
Rose essential oil
Green votive candle
Green cloth bag

Paper towel
Wand (optional)
Offering bowl or similar
Athame, boline, or other knife
Statue or picture of deities or ancestors
Matches or lighter
Piece of chalk (optional)

Take an egg, carefully crack it in half and empty out the contents. Carefully rinse the inside of the shells with running water and then pat dry with a paper towel. Put to one side.
Make a herbal mixture of poppy seeds, rice, lavender and rose petals. Stir them together with your index finger or a wand in a sunwise motion while envisioning love flourishing, bursting forth, multiplying.
Take an apple and cut it in half. Remove the five seeds and add them to the herbal mix.
Add the green agate/pearl & clear quartz crystal to the mix.
Place the mix in an offering bowl, then use your finger/wand/blade to draw an invoking earth pentacle through the herbs, and place the bowl on your altar next to a statue or picture of your deity or ancestors.
Anoint a green votive candle with rose oil, drawing towards the middle of the candle while envisioning love bringing life. Light the candle.
Take a moment to pray in your own words to invoke the blessings of your gods or ancestors in bringing forth new life.
Now add the herbal mix to the centre of the egg shells, and cover the shell halves in dripping wax from your candle to join them again, sealing the herbs inside.
Using your blade or a piece of chalk, sketch the Berkano and Ingwaz runes or your preferred fertility symbols (i.e. a spiral, helix, triple moon symbol, or sigil of your own design) on the egg while envisioning pregnancy.
Place the sealed wax egg inside a green bag as you chant the blessing below, and place the bag under your bed when done.

By the egg and by the hare,
By the serpent and the sea,
A healthy child I shall bear,
As I will, so mote it be.

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