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Self-Love Ritual

I’ve tried to make this as accessible as possible, but feel free to change things to suit. The goal is to create magical change in a calming and pleasurable way that invokes your senses to ground you in reality and build up your resilience.

You’ll need:
A pink candle of any size (substitute with white for purification or blue for soul healing)
Rose essential oil in carrier oil (substitute with lavender oil)
Lavender flowers (substitute with any flowers you love)
Frankincense joss stick or cone (substitute with sandalwood or rosemary)
1/4c Himalayan Pink Salt or Epsom Salts (substitute with table salt in a pinch)
Bowl of water big enough to dip your hands in
Hand towel
Hand moisturiser of choice (substitute with coconut oil)
Cup of hot chamomile tea (substitute with drink of choice)

Find somewhere comfortable you can sit, with an altar space in front of you, and turn on some music that you find soothing.
Create your sacred space as preferred and sit before the altar.
Take your pink candle and anoint it with the rose oil, stroking from end to centre.
Arrange the candle in its holder, then sprinkle the lavender flowers in a circle around the candle.
Light your candle and incense, and visualise the loving energy of the universe being drawn in towards you.
Dip your hands in the salt water, and gently rub them together as you visualise any unwanted energies being drawn out through your hands to dissolve in the water.
Dry your hands on the towel, and generously apply the moisturiser to your hands. Take your time to do this, massaging your skin and tendons, really concentrating on the physical sensations.
When you’re done, either close your eyes or focus on the candle flames and take deep, diaphragmatic breaths. These should move your belly with each inhalation and exhalation, rather than your chest. Make them as slow as you can, pausing between the inhale and exhale. Once you have the hang of it, do ten more breaths, and visualise the very cells of your body being renewed by each breath, fed and changed and soothed by the divine energy of the universe which you are connecting to with each breath.
When you’re done, open your eyes or blink freely a few times.
Take up your cup of chamomile tea, and hold it to your mouth. Speak into the tea, tell it the things that pain you, the things that are too hard to bear. The cup will hold them, then the water will dissolve them, and the chamomile will transmute them. 
When you’re done, drink that tea. Take that transformed pain and let it refuel your body, mind and soul.
Let your incense and candle burn out completely if you can, somewhere safe.

You might like to go all out in dressing your altar – perhaps a pink altar cloth, crystals of lepidolite or rose quartz, statues of deities you work with, photos of yourself that you really like, etc.

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